Zidane was asked to do something against PSG

12 Feb 2022 | 16:23 | Football

 During a visit to his hometown, Zinedine Zidane confronts an incident involving him and PSG.

Video Hakimi shares about his relationship with Zidane

Present in Marseille yesterday for the opening of a new digital health center in the city’s district, Zinedine Zidane met the team’s fans. This is Zidane’s hometown when the player was born in La Castellane, so he is very popular. Whenever returning to the familiar city, the former Real coach is always warmly welcomed.

Regarding the medical center, Zidane expressed to the media: “As you know, I come from La Castellane, I grew up here with my parents. We always have the same heart even when we are gone”.

Marseille fans tell Zinedine Zidane not to go to PSG - Bóng Đá

 Marseille fans do not want Zidane to lead PSG in the near future.

On the occasion of Zidane’s return to his hometown, Marseille fans also took the opportunity to talk about how he was linked with PSG all the time. Specifically, on Twitter, there was a video recording that Marseille fans asked Zidane not to lead PSG . Responding to the NHM’s move, the 1998 World Cup champion simply smiled and let it go.

The press did not simply gossip about Zidane coming to PSG, they also shared the news that Cristiano Ronaldo could come to the French capital. This scenario is not impossible but everything is stopping at the level of rumors.