Wu Lei, Wu Xi skip the practice session of the Chinese team

29 Jan 2022 | 13:24 | Football

The only star playing in La Liga and the captain of the Chinese team left early in the afternoon training session on January 29 at Hang Day Stadium.

At 4pm on January 29, the Chinese team had the first practice session in Hanoi to prepare for the match against Vietnam in the second leg of the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. The training session took place behind closed doors at Hang Day Stadium. not open to reporters and fans to ensure safety against the Covid-19 epidemic.

After about 30 minutes, a group of Chinese players stopped practicing to take an early shower and went back to the car . In this group there are Wu Lei, Wu Xi and naturalized midfielder Tyias Browning (Jiang Guangtai). The coaching staff and other Chinese players stayed at the training ground until about 5pm before leaving.

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Some key players of the Chinese team left early at the first training session in Hanoi. Photo: Ngoc Le.

Wu Lei is playing for Espanyol club, is the biggest star in the Chinese national team, Wu Xi is the captain, while Tyias Browning has started the last 10 matches for China in the World Cup qualifiers.

It is possible that this group of players has not been in the best condition, so they should be given a break early to recover quickly. Wu Xi and Tyias Browning played the entire match China lost 0-2 to Japan on January 27, and Wu Lei was let off in the 89th minute. The Chinese team also flew from Japan to Vietnam at dawn. January 29 morning.

This is the first training session of the Chinese team to prepare for the rematch with Vietnam, so head coach Li Xiaopeng mainly gives his students light training to adapt to the new weather and time zone. Other naturalized players, Aloisio Goncalves and Alan Carvalho, completed the training session with their teammates.

The Chinese team has 2 more practice sessions in Hanoi. They no longer have much hope of competing for tickets to the fourth qualifying round or the 2022 World Cup finals when they are 9 points away from the third place team in Group B (Australia). In the first leg against Vietnam, the Chinese team won 3-2.