Wizards Efron Reyes at 31st SEA Games: About the greatest player on the planet

07 May 2022 | 08:12 | Football

Filipino player Efren Reyes decided to represent the Philippine pool team in the 31st Southeast Asian Games, so how much do you know about Efren and what is his greatness?

Before becoming a global celebrity, Efron was a poor boy, the fifth of nine children in a dusty town in the Philippines with no electricity or running water. Efren’s fortunes changed when he was 5 years old when he was sent by his parents to live with his uncle who runs the Lucky 13 pool bar in the capital Manila. Efren makes a living by sorting pages in the comic book studio and cleaning at Lucky 13 after get off work.

Before finding a passion for billiards, Efren realized he could make money out of it. Every night, when the bar closed, he started practicing for hours on end, not stopping until it opened. Because of his young age, Efron had to stack the cardboard boxes to hit the marbles in the middle of the table. He played his first game at age 9 and made his first money at age 12. After receiving $100, Efren sent $90 to his family.

Soon, Efron was making a name for himself in Manila. Have to admit, this is a genius, with super information processing ability, the ability to quickly read table layouts and predict situations. At the age of 20, Efren was unrivaled in the country of a thousand islands. So he wrote the names of the best players in the world in a notebook, went to them, beat them.

Efron’s defeated generals regarded him as the number one in the world, the greatest gambler in the history of billiards, and those who were fortunate enough to witness the miracle called him a legend, and then told each other stories that had come true and became folklore.

Wizards Efren Reyes at 31st SEA Games: About the greatest player on earth - 2

A young Efren Reyes roamed the world and took the number one spot. (Image: Getty Images)

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