Wimbledon Day 10: Kyrgios’ 17-year miracle, semifinal against Nadal

11 Jul 2022 | 08:50 | Football

(Sports News, Tennis News) “Bad Boy” Nick Kyrgios set a record for this year’s Wimbledon semifinals by neutralizing “phenomenal” Christian Garin with a great match.

Video of the match between Christian Garin and Nick Kyrgios:

Nick Kyrgios works a miracle after 17 years tennis 2022 Wimbledon semi-final Australian men at Grand Slam

Kyrgios will make his first Grand Slam semifinal when he faces No. 2 seed Rafael Nadal on the evening of July 8. Savage star Kyrgios also just became the first men’s singles player to reach a Grand Slam in 17 years, following his compatriot Lleyton Hewitt.’s achievements at the 2005 U.S. Open. Top four Australian players.

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