Vietnamese women Football team to be supplemented with food in India

03 Feb 2022 | 15:54 | Football

Coach Mai Duc Chung’s teachers and students continue to receive support from the Vietnamese consulate in Mumbai and overseas Vietnamese to prepare the best for the upcoming match.

After a 2-0 victory over Thailand in the first match of the play-off round for tickets to the 2023 Women’s World Cup, the Vietnamese women’s team spent time relaxing at the hotel where the team was stationed.

Coach (coach) Mai Duc Chung does not have to worry about the problem of force when 23 players are in good health. In the last match, the military leader born in 1951 also comfortably calculated and nourished the pillars. None of the players had health problems and needed special care.

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Vietnamese female recruits are being well taken care of in terms of nutrition. Photo: Quang Thinh.

At the training session on February 3, the coaching staff mainly let the players recover from the last match. Fitness coach Cedric Roger spent about 20 minutes at the beginning of the session for the whole team to meditate and do some yoga, breathing and relaxation movements, creating a comfortable atmosphere for team members.

The Vietnamese women’s training team continues to closely monitor and adjust the diets and cooking methods to suit the members’ taste . The team is greatly supported by the Vietnamese consulate in Mumbai in buying more food and nutritional supplements for the players.

Before that, in the first few days when arriving in India, the Vietnamese women’s team had to use a menu that did not suit their taste. This is due to differences in culture and processing methods. The team leader actively worked with the hotel to improve the problem. The team also received great support from expatriates, supplemented with food and improved meals.

The match against Taiwan (China) takes place at 2:30 pm on February 6 (Vietnam time). This is a hot sunny hour with low humidity, which consumes a lot of the players’ physical strength. In order to best adapt to the weather conditions, coach Mai Duc Chung arranged the training time for the remaining 2 sessions in the right time frame.

The Vietnamese women’s team is temporarily leading the play-off round after a 2-0 victory over Thailand on February 2. On February 4, the team was given a break, making room for the Taiwan (China) women’s match against Thailand.