Vietnam team bid farewell to Phi Son because of an unexpected injury

31 Jan 2022 | 08:23 | Football

Coach Park Hang Seo expressed regret when he had to say goodbye to midfielder Phi Son before the match against China because of injury problems.

Coach Park Hang Seo just had to say goodbye to rookie Tran Phi Son. The Korean strategist said:  “Two days ago, during practice, although there was no collision, due to the slippery ground, Phi Son got injured.

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Phi Son said goodbye to the Vietnamese team

Initially, we assessed the injury as not serious, but after careful examination, Phi Son injured his cruciate ligament.

The whole team bid farewell to Phi Son. He’s a good player, I’m sorry, I plan to use him for the match against China. Hopefully Phi Son can soon participate in the next tournaments.”

Phi Son and Ngan Van Dai are two players added to the team by coach Park Hang Seo but could not complete immigration procedures during their visit to Australia. The Nghe An midfielder was very determined to play for Vietnam for the first time under Coach Park, but unfortunately suffered an injury.

Besides Phi Son, Coach Park was also unable to use Que Ngoc Hai due to Covid-19. Mr. Park has just summoned young central defender Bui Hoang Viet Anh to the team. Besides, Phan Van Duc can still play, not suspended as some information.