Vietnam men’s basketball team 2 minutes 03 seconds “Giant” hits historic goal at 31st SEA Games

16 Apr 2022 | 15:00 | Football

(Sports News) The Vietnam basketball team, which has a team of ideal height players, including 2 athletes over 2m tall, is at home against the historic goal of the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

Pioneer Nguyen Hoang Phu Rong of 2.03 meters is an important factor for Vietnam’s men’s basketball team to play in the 31st SEA Games

The Western “Garden Crane” has a comprehensive set of skills such as excellent finishing near the basket, impressive rim contention and defense, ability to score high in average or 3-point shooting situations, etc. Fu Rong won 3 each. Vietnam Professional Basketball Championship (VBA) and contributed to helping Vietnam win a bronze medal at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

'Giant' 2m03 sets historic goal with Vietnam basketball team at 31st-3rd SEA Games

“Male God” Chris Dirk is 2m tall and has good attack power

In addition to Phu Rong, the shortlist for the Vietnamese men’s basketball team for the 31st Southeast Asian Games also has another name with a height of 2m, that is Chris Dierker (Vietnamese name is Dang Quy Kiet).

Not only is he outstanding in height, this “basketball god” is also considered to be the most professional player among Vietnamese VBA players. Chris Dierker’s talent was proven with Madonna Crusaders at the NCAA Student Basketball Tournament, when he was selected multiple times on the All-American High School Tournament list.

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