Trouble with Lukaku made Tuchel strong with a 100 million euro project

06 Jan 2022 | 07:51 | Football

 The controversy with Romelu Lukaku in the past few days makes Thomas Tuchel seriously consider recruiting Erling Haaland.
Chelsea spent £ 97.5 million to sign Romelu Lukaku this past summer. After the first rounds of playing sublime, the Belgian striker began to slow down. At the end of October, he suffered an injury and was absent for a month after that. This is also the time when Lukaku received an interview with Sky radio and created big trouble for the Blues in recent days.


Lukaku was “slandered” when he gave an interview to Sky radio.

Accordingly, Lukaku has stated that he is not happy at Chelsea. Immediately, Thomas Tuchel banned this player from participating in the match against Liverpool in the Premier League. Then Lukaku had to go into the water to apologize to ease the situation.

Tuchel said on Tuesday: “We are glad that the two sides took the necessary time to talk calmly with each other. Lukaku apologized and returned to training with teammates today. The most important thing is both sides. understand each other and have no malice. Lukaku didn’t do it on purpose to create unnecessary noise before an important game.”

“This is the first time Lukaku has shown such an attitude,” added the German coach. “We want him to wait a while to adjust to the intensity of the Premier League. But he has never had an attitude against the team. The first time Lukaku reacted like this, so we want to deal with him. handle things calmly. We think it’s not as serious as people think. It’s not really that small, but it’s small enough for us to stay calm, accept the apology, and let it go.” .

 Trouble with Lukaku made Tuchel strong with a 100 million euro project - Football

Tuchel accepts Lukaku’s apology.

Tuchel then shared more about Lukaku’s long-term future, which has been discussed a lot in the past week. “You have to ask him, I don’t know how he feels about his long-term future but he has a – term contract and he’s fully committed so I suppose that’s the foundation,” he said. Tuchel concluded.

Although things have calmed down temporarily after Lukaku’s apology, no one is sure that Granovskaia and his colleagues will forgive the Belgian striker after this scandal. The British press revealed that Erling Haaland is still on Chelsea’s transfer priority list and they have more and more grounds to promote negotiations after Lukaku’s thoughtless act.

Expert Paul Parker believes that without selling Lukaku, Chelsea will never have enough money to compete with other clubs in the Haaland deal. Bild earlier, revealed that Haaland’s contract at Dortmund is valid until 2024, but this guy can leave the Ruhr club in the summer of 2022 with a release price of only 75 million euros.

Remember, 75 million euros is also just the basis for breaking the contract, whether Haaland chooses a destination depends on how much the clubs are willing to pay for Mino Raiola and the fee for Haaland’s family. If you add up those extra fees, Haaland’s signature costs no less than 100 million euros. Will Tuchel dare to be so bold, after a trip named Lukaku?