The trial of Djokovic was interrupted because of the incident

10 Jan 2022 | 10:02 | Tennis

Communication problems prevented the trial to decide Novak Djokovic’s future in Australia from going as planned.

The court decides whether the world number one tennis player is expelled or can stay in Australia to attend the Australian Open 2022 scheduled to take place at 6:00 am (Hanoi time). However, the above hearing was delayed after the court’s streaming website crashed.

The spike in viewership was the cause of the crash streaming site, according to Fox Sports . Responding to media, local officials said they were trying to fix the streaming site’s transmission problem. However, the trial continued despite technical problems.

Novak Djokovic anh 1

The Serbian tennis player is in danger of not being able to defend the Australian Open title. Photo: Reuters.

The streaming site only resumed almost an hour after the trial began. This meant that Nole was on trial in secret, because no one could keep track of what was going on.

Local law reporter Karen Sweeney said the Australian court’s closed trial of Djokovic went against the principles of public justice on which Australia’s judicial system is based. “That’s not good under any circumstances,” assessed Sweeney.

The trial taking place on the morning of January 10 (Hanoi time) will give a verdict on Djokovic’s future in Australia. The court’s decision can help Djokovic continue to stay in the country of kangaroos to defend the Australian Open championship.

If the verdict is in Djokovic’s favor, he has one week left to prepare for the first Grand Slam tournament in 2022. The Australian Open 2022 will kick off from January 17.

On the contrary, if the ruling is unfavorable, he is at risk of having to leave Australia on January 10, although there is still a chance to continue to appeal. As for the Australian government, they also have the right to appeal the court’s decision.

Djokovic has been detained in the Park Hotel since arriving in Australia and had his visa canceled on the morning of January 6. In the lawsuit, Nole’s lawyers revealed that the Serbian was granted an exemption certificate from the Australian Tennis Federation, on the basis that he tested positive for PCR on December 16, 2021.