The sublimated £80 million signature is Rangnick’s steely rebuttal

21 Feb 2022 | 07:03 | Football

 In the 4-2 victory over Leeds last night, Harry Maguire was one of the best players on the Man Utd side.

Rangnick talks about the relationship between Maguire and Varane

In the 1-1 draw at Southampton 9 days ago, Harry Maguire was the one most criticized by fans. Maguire’s back-to-back tackle became an instant meme on social media.

Not only the fans, the former Old Trafford players also did not forgive the mistake of the English midfielder. “I was really scared when I saw him play,” Michael Owen exclaims.
The sublimated £80 million signature is Rangnick's steely counter-argument - Football

 The ball made Maguire “named” a lot in recent times.

Meanwhile, Rio Ferdinand thinks Maguire was too lucky to be on the field in the 1-1 draw against Burnley. “Burnley’s goal was partly due to Maguire’s poor handling. I’m sure after the game he will be held accountable.”

“Maguire is lucky to stay on the pitch. It’s a performance that I’m sure he’ll want to erase and get into the next game as quickly as possible but these things still happen.” Former England midfielder added.

That said to see how much pressure Maguire is under after the Red Devils’ unsatisfactory results. However, he still received the absolute trust of coach Ralf Rangnick.


“He (Maguire) will definitely be the captain until the end of the season. What will happen in the next 1, 2 or 3 years? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter,” the strategist said. German confirmed. 

Obviously, the past few days have been the hardest days of Maguire’s career. Luckily, he still had Rangnick’s backing. With a player like Maguire, it is impossible to judge him as a poor player. It is no coincidence that coach Gareth Southgate always tries to put Maguire’s name in every England match at EURO 2020.
The sublimated £80 million signature is Rangnick's steely counter-argument - Football

 The goal against Leeds helped Maguire to relieve a lot.

Maguire’s problem is psychological. Once the 28-year-old midfielder is in a good mood, everything falls into place. Specifically, against Leeds, one saw the best Maguire since the beginning of the season. He won all of the duels, with 3 times on the ground and 2 times in the air. In addition, he also had 2 times to relieve the siege for his teammates. 

But in the end, people were forced to mention Maguire because this was the player who opened the scoring in the match . A goal to relieve both Man Utd and Maguire personally. Statistics show that, over the past year, the Red Devils have scored again from a corner kick. 

“Ultimately, it’s a question of training time, but it’s also a question of passing. We should have players who have the technique to pass the ball accurately,” Rangnick said of how. Man Utd’s corner kick arrangement.

And did you know, the last player to score from a Man Utd corner was also Maguire, with his strike against Sheffield United on January 27, 2021?