The hottest sports on the evening of July 16: “Nadal is the best athlete in the history of sports”

21 Jul 2022 | 08:09 | Football

(Sports News) Nadal has been hailed by his compatriots as the greatest athlete in the history of sports.

“Nadal is the greatest athlete in history tennis And sports, in my opinion. I was inspired by his isoca and his resilience. It’s a privilege for me to stand next to Nadal,” Arturo Coelo was quoted as saying.

World Boxing Class 4 Champion Adrien Broner recently returned to his two sons Adrien Broner Jr (15) and “Mike” Broner (12) I was amazed when I saw the video between practice games. Even the 32-year-old boxer offered the winner a $100 prize. Currently, the idea faces mixed reactions from the public due to age differences and the boy’s size.

Sharapova shows off photos of birth of her first son

On the morning of July 16 (Hanoi time), Maria Sharapova, the former world number one women’s tennis player, announced the addition of the new members on her personal homepage.

Hottest sports of the night of July 16:

“This is the most beautiful, challenging and rewarding gift our little family could ever hope for,” Maria Sharapova wrote on her personal page with her fiancé Alexander Gilkes and son West Otto’s photo. The former Russian tennis player received many well-wishes from colleagues and fans in the comments section.

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