The era of Messi – Ronaldo is coming to an end

16 Mar 2022 | 06:38 | Football

 The performances of two superstars in this year’s Champions League signal an old dynasty is coming to an end.

Messi’s first hat-trick at Super Classics

Messi called, Ronaldo answered. That is the message that over the past 10 years, the football world has admired the two superstars Messi and Ronaldo. The unrelenting rivalry of this duo creates an individual race unmatched in the history of world football.

Many fans expect both to help the home team pass the 1/8 round of the Champions League this season. Messi is the leader of PSG’s attack next to two other famous names Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. Similarly, Ronaldo becomes the biggest hope for Man United in scoring.

Reality is the exact opposite of expectations. Messi disappeared throughout the 90 minutes of the second leg against Los Blancos. This morning, Ronaldo “imitate” his opponent when he disappeared before Atletico Madrid’s scientific and tight defense system.

Messi calls, Ronaldo answers - Football

Ronaldo was blocked by the Atletico Madrid defense. 

The result leads to a single common denominator: Messi and Ronaldo both have to stop at Europe’s No. 1 playground this season. Messi called and Ronaldo answered, but this time with an unexpected result.

They are still the same, the top superstars in the world; However, the situation was quite different. Since arriving at the Park of the Princes Stadium, Messi has also gradually lost the quality of carrying the team. Messi’s erratic form makes people feel that he is “lost” at PSG.

Not as bleak as Messi, but Ronaldo’s scoring performance also fades over time. At the age of 37, it is difficult for CR7 to maintain a full physical state every time he plays. On the other hand, a physical playground like the Premier League makes age a big problem for Ronaldo.

Messi calls, Ronaldo answers - Football

Messi and PSG stopped in front of Real Madrid.

Looking back at the performances of Messi and Ronaldo throughout the past time, one can predict the scenario where they break up top football is not far away. 

Messi will turn 35 next June. Ronaldo just turned 37. Maybe we should lower our expectations.” Former player Gary Lineker shared after the moment Messi kicked 11m against Real in the first leg of the 1/8 Champions League round.

Messi calls, Ronaldo answers - Football

The era of Messi – Ronaldo is coming to an end.

They still do great things. However, these football gods can’t resist the laws of time,” Lineker analyzed.

Lineker’s comment is completely valid. Old bamboo shoots sprouting. The retreat of Messi – Ronaldo will open up the horizon, leaving the stage for younger factors.

Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe are the faces that are enough to fill the gap left by Messi – Ronaldo. We are enjoying the end of the Messi-Ronaldo era!