The difference of bravery between Arsenal and Liverpool

17 Mar 2022 | 11:51 | Football

 Arsenal and Liverpool both scored many points in the eyes of fans after the battle at Emirates Stadium.

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The clock ticked to 51 minutes, Alexandre Lacazette caught Thiago Alcantara’s back pass. That was the moment Arsenal had been waiting for in front of goal. Lacazette turned and passed it to Martin Odegaard, who was put in a position to score. But Alisson Becker proved to be ecstatic with an unbelievable hand-stop. Liverpool escaped death in an instant, in contrast to the disappointment of the home team.

Many people uttered the words “if only” a few minutes later, the sharpness of Diogo Jota helped Liverpool break the deadlock. That goal became the premise for Roberto Firmino to double the lead. 2-0 in favor of Liverpool after 62 minutes of rolling the ball.
The difference of bravery between Arsenal and Liverpool - Football

 Jota’s goal turned the game in a different direction.

The time gap between the first and second goals was only 8 minutes. The game turned too fast. Liverpool kept a great advantage to aim for victory and Arsenal fell under the expectations of the home team’s fans.

Those three situations are enough to discuss the confrontation at the Emirates and at the same time show the bravery between Liverpool and Arsenal. On the excitement from the past series of matches, Arsenal really did not play badly against the red half of Merseyside. They are the team that has a better chance to take the lead but failed.

Liverpool are pressed, but the value of a great team, the bravery belongs to a top club to help them master the game. The Kop only needed two individual moments to win 3 points. Jurgen Klopp’s teachers and students are always like that, knowing when to choose the time to finish the opponent instead of spreading their strength throughout the match.

That is what the Anfield team has shown before Inter Milan in Italy this season. They won 2-0, but before that, they were suffocated by Inter. Inter that day was like Arsenal this morning when they played great and impressive but also ended the game with their heads held high.
The difference of bravery between Arsenal and Liverpool - Football

 Liverpool are more brave than Arsenal. 

Liverpool continue to win to create pressure on Man City in the context of 1 point behind the defending champion and both have a battle at Etihad. Arsenal lost, but this is a valuable defeat for them to reflect on themselves, thereby learn from experience and realize the good and the bad in order to come back stronger.

Rarely does a match make fans praise the winners and losers. The 2-0 result pleased Liverpool in terms of their achievements and values, but Arsenal are clearly not mediocre if they continue to play as they are.