Ronaldo wants to play until he is over 40 years old, leaving the door open to Brazil to play football

15 Jan 2022 | 02:51 | Football


Cristiano Ronaldo has interesting sharing about his fitness in a recent interview with ESPN Brazil channel.

“I feel like I’m in my 30s”

Ronaldo was not registered to play in the match against Aston Villa in the third round of the FA Cup in midweek because of a minor injury. Speaking to the British press afterwards, the Portuguese superstar confirmed that everything was fine and he would soon regain his best fitness.

Ronaldo in the role of MU captain

Ronaldo in the role of MU captain

Sharing with ESPN Brazil, CR7 said he still finds joy on the football field and is not ready for retirement: “I am very satisfied, I want to continue and wait and see what will come. If I can play until I’m 40, I can play at 41, 42. Enjoy the moment.”

Known for his disciplined lifestyle, Ronaldo said of his “eternal” in the king sport: “Endurance is a wonderful thing, this is something I am learning recently. Basically, I wouldn’t consider myself 25 years old, that’s exaggerating. But I find myself in my 30s. I’ve always taken care of my mind and body.”

When asked about comparisons with legends in other sports, such as rugby star Tom Brady (43 years old) or tennis star Roger Federer (40 years old), Ronaldo said that “sports Different sports have different requirements”. The secret to staying at the top, according to Ronaldo, is “the quickness to adapt to new situations and the ability to read the game”.

“I know my body and I have experience,” CR7 added. “At each age, I have the ability to adapt to new philosophies of playing. I am proud that now I still have the same energy to compete as before. There is one thing that I learned recently: if you take good care of it, after the age of 33, you will still be physically fit. But there is a more difficult battle in the spirit and mind.”

Possibility to come to Brazil to play football?

Earlier this month, Flamengo’s vice president, Marcelo Braz, had a remarkable meeting with Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro, in Madeira (Portugal). Although Braz’s intention was to come here to find a new coach for Flamengo, this meeting sparked rumors that Ronaldo was about to go to Brazil to play football.

Photo of Mrs. Dolores and Flamengo's vice president, Marcelo Braz

Photo of Mrs. Dolores and Flamengo’s vice president, Marcelo Braz

Also in an interview with ESPN Brazil, Ronaldo did not rule out the possibility that he would come to play in Samba, and called Brazil a “brother country”.

“In football anything can happen, I don’t know,” Ronaldo replied when asked about this possibility. “What I can say with certainty: Brazil is my brother country. It’s my relationship with associates, cultural similarities, and Brazilians living in Portugal.

My sister is living in Brazil, she is married to a Brazilian. I do nutrition courses with Brazilians. It’s a country that I really appreciate, I know a lot about Brazil.

Nobody said I was going to come back to MU when I was 36, and here I am. Playing football in Brazil? I do not know. I have never thought of this. But in football anything is possible.”