Roland Garros Day 1: Zverev and Alcaraz win easy

27 May 2022 | 08:08 | Football

(Tennis News) Dominic Thiem was unexpectedly eliminated while Azverev and Alcaraz won comfortably.

“Little Nadal” Carlos Alcaraz had a very favorable start at the French Open. Against Juan Londro, the Spaniard needed 10 games to win the first set, and in the second set Alcalás had break points in the sixth and eighth games to win 6-2. In the third set, the Spaniard didn’t even have a point for his opponent and quickly won 6-0, thus winning the final 3-0.

In the second set, Zverev quickly got a break point in the third game, maintaining the advantage until the end of the first set, winning 6-4. The situation in the third game was similar, and Zverev broke serve in the seventh game. The player had 3 chances to finish in the ninth inning but failed to take it. Even so, it took Zverev just one game to seal the score at 3-0.

Dominic Tim is shocked

Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem continues to decline after suffering a wrist injury. The former world number one soon had to say goodbye to Roland Garros from the first round after beating Bolivian rival Hugo Delin 0-3.

Thiem’s ​​first-round defeat at the French Open

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