Report player sexual harassment and subterfuge at the Canadian Hockey Association

02 Aug 2022 | 08:50 | Football

(Sports News) Public opinion is outraged after the Canadian Hockey Association found that the country’s hockey association was taking money from players to cover up a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Canadian hockey village rocked by sexual harassment scandal

Forsyth said Hockey Canada should be disbanded if the organization no longer represents the interests of players, especially women. “The government can intervene if they want to, they need to look at the facts to protect the players. I have two kids who practice hockey and if this organization continues to disrespect the interests of its members, I and many parents will get our kids out of the game. exercise,” she said.

The incident has drawn criticism from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself, but under pressure from public opinion, Canadian Hockey Association CEO Scott Smith has confirmed that he has no intention of resigning after taking office in early July. Since serving as Canada’s vice president of ice hockey since 1995, he must know the many untold secrets surrounding the current wave of scandals.


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