Raised for his ‘gentleman’ personality, Nadal has hardly a second in Spain

01 May 2022 | 08:45 | Football

(Sports News, Tennis News) — Rafael Nadal has received many compliments from his seniors for his sociable and polite personality.

Nadal is respected for his 'gentleman' personality, barely second in Spain - 1

“What surprised me about Rafa was his kindness,” Clement said. “He’s always the first person to say hello, always the first person to shake his hand at the tournament he’s in, whether it’s anything from the Masters to the majors.

I remember once we met in the hotel lobby after his big win. I made a small gesture to greet him, but he was already across the hall to shake my hand. We always respect each other. I can’t say I’m close to him or that guy, but Nadal is like that, simple as that. “

Meanwhile, former Spanish world number three David Ferrer has called Nadal a tennis monument to the Bulls and pointed to players who can follow in Nadal’s footsteps after retirement.

“The post-Nadal period is going to be tough for Spanish tennis,” Ferrer said. “Rafa’s shadow is too big. There will be no other players like him. But we are lucky to have Carlos Alcalás, who will be a reference point in Spanish tennis. But I don’t like it just because he is different. Compare him to Rafa. And Roberto Bautista, Pablo Carreno.

Someone like Stefanos Tsitsipas or Casper Ruud could have the same impact as Nadal. Tsitsipas beat them against Rafa last year and has a good chance of winning the French Open. He is a very charismatic tennis player. The new top 10 will include Casper Ruud, who is also very good on clay. “

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