Quyet Chien wins SEA Games: Historic gold medal for Vietnam’s billiard ‘boss’

23 May 2022 | 08:28 | Football

(Sports News, Billiards News) Former World Cup three-stage billiards champion Chen Guijian won a historic gold medal at the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

Tran Quyet Chien is currently ranked No. 3 in the world. He has won the World Cup of Billiards. For the first time, he has the honor to participate in the 3-stage Carom Billiards Final of the Southeast Asian Games and “Billiards Tycoon”. Did not miss the chance to win the first gold medal in this arena.

Quyet Chien wins SEA Games: Historic gold 'boss' billiards Vietnam - 1

Opponent Nguyen Duc Anh Chien (No. 15 in the world) played slightly better, leading 10-8 in the first leg, but this was also when No. 3 in the world quickly passed.

2018 World Cup winner Tran Quyet Chien showed his level with a four-pointer, with muscular lines such as “double arrows” helping him to score points and making Anh Chien “freeze”.

Anh Chien (b. 1984) had six points over the next nine runs, trailing 23-16 on the 18th baseline. Quyet Chien players have since eased. Going on to score 8 points in the 19th round, Quyet Chien is far ahead of his opponent Anh Chien.

Quyet Chien closed the 23rd bottom line with 4 points to win 40-24. Quyet Chien bowed her head to show respect for her opponent during a match against legend Efren Reyes, and this time Ha Jung took Anh Chien’s hand and bowed to the crowd at Ha Dong Stadium.

Bow to the audience and witness the World Cup champion win the first gold medal in his career at the Southeast Asian Games.

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