Penn Senior Christina DiCindio Represents Ivy League Women’s Basketball on NCAA DI Women’s Basketball Student-Athlete Engagement Group

29 Nov 2021 | 10:03 | Basketball

PRINCETON, N.J. — Recently, the NCAA announced the formation of the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Student-Athlete Engagement Group with Penn Women’s Basketball Senior Christina DiCindio as the Ivy League representative.

“I think it is a huge honor to get the Ivy League’s voice heard in this group. It is also a big responsibility because I know I need to advocate for myself, my team, the other teams and the athletes in general.” DiCindio said.

The formation of the group is the result of a collaboration with the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) and the NCAA to form the first group of its kind within the NCAA. The purpose is to amplify the voice within women’s basketball in regard to key initiatives, legislation and other various issues.

Thus far the group has meet twice discussing topics ranging from return to play concepts for the NCAA to civic engagement opportunities with a focus on voter engagement.

“They mostly want to hear what we have to say. They are very open to if we have a topic, they want us to bring it up and talk about it and they will bring it directly to the NCAA. It’s nice to have that direct line of communication.” DiCindio said.

Each of the 32 Division I conferences have a representative within the group who they believe best represents all women’s basketball players within their respective conference. The student-athletes were nominated via the WBCA NCAA Division I Conference Captains program. Within the program is a head coach or “captain” from each conference that the WBCA usually communicates with when it comes to key issues. The term of service for each student-athlete representative will sync with athletics eligibility for competition.