Patrick Vieira points out lessons from Lampard being sacked by Chelsea

19 Mar 2022 | 09:15 | Football

 The French strategist has notable comments before the meeting with coach Frank Lampard tomorrow.

Lampard talks about the relegation battle

Frank Lampard and Patrick Vieira are easily the best midfielders in Premier League history, and both are currently in charge of this tournament.

Notably, before taking over at Everton and Nice, both Lampard and Vieira were fired by the old club. Discussing this issue, the captain of Crystal Palace said that the name of a coach is not an important factor.

Speaking at the press conference before the clash with Everton in the FA Cup, the French strategist shared (quoted by Metro):

 Vieira spoke up. 

“I played against Frank for a few years and worked with him in New York. I don’t want to say that I know him well, but of course we know each other.”

“When Frank was playing in New York, I was coaching the team. Of course, we spent a lot of time talking about football and how we see the game.”

“Watching Frank coach at Chelsea and Everton, he really has a lot of experience as a manager.”

“We have the same route: former players who want to do a good job as a manager. We both know how difficult the job is, because he was sacked at Chelsea and I was sacked. in Nice.”

“Your name doesn’t matter . What’s important is the result and the way the team plays.”