Messi sets the time to consider his future in the national team

26 Mar 2022 | 10:57 | Football

 The owner set a 3-0 victory for Argentina this morning answering questions from the media about the future.

Impressive moments of Lionel Messi on the training ground

Early this morning in the framework of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in South America, Argentina welcomed Venezuela at home. Only facing the last team in the rankings, La Albiceleste showed strength and defeated the guests 3 goals without removing.

Nicolas Gonzalez is the owner of the opening goal for the home team. At the end of the match, Angel Di Maria and Lionel Messi took turns filling in their names on the electronic board, setting the result 3-0.

Messi uncertain on future: 'After the World Cup I'm going to rethink many things' - Bóng Đá

 Messi scores for Argentina.

There are some speculations about Messi’s possible retirement from the national team this year. Speaking quoted by Goal, the 35-year-old star closed the time to consider deciding on his future: ” I really don’t know, I just think about the near future, including the upcoming match against Ecuador and the matches to be prepared. in June as well as in September.  After the World Cup, I will think back on many things, whether the situation is good or bad .

There is a great group here. People love me so much and every day they show me more and more. I feel very impressed. Every time I gather with the national team, it’s all good, after winning the Copa America, it’s even better.

Everything was smooth and easy on the field. Winning makes everything great and easier. The match against Venezuela is the last game in Argentina before the team attends the World Cup, so this result is a beautiful farewell to the homeland.”