Jamie Carragher is excited about Liverpool’s 50 million blockbuster

06 Feb 2022 | 04:10 | Football

Legend of The Kop evaluates rookie Luis Diaz as a preparation for the future of the Red Brigade.

In the January transfer window, Liverpool successfully recruited Luis Diaz from FC Porto . The Kop had to pay the Portuguese representative £37.5m, with £12.5m in add-ons. The appearance of Diaz is expected to increase the strength of the Red Brigade’s attack.

Jamie Carragher concedes

 Luis Diaz is preparation for the future.

In the context of 29-year-old Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, 30-year-old Roberto Firmino, the trio are all out of contract in 2023, it is clear that the Anfield team has considered an alternative. Diaz has confirmed his talent in the Porto shirt, which is the long-term plan that the BLD Liverpool wants to build.

Legendary Jamie Carragher commented: “Nothing lasts forever, and that is why Liverpool have done so well with Luis Diaz, because maybe, who knows, at the end of the season or next year 1 in 3 strikers will leave. They are at that age in football.

But if you’re another player in that squad, you’ll be delighted if that rookie joins, along with five or six others. Or whatever, signing a new contract bodes well for Liverpool’s future.

It could be a turning point but I think signing is not just for now, but how well Luis Diaz will do over the next five or six years . Will he get in the way of the so-called attacking trio? Jota has done it, could Luis Diaz be next?”