Hottest sports of the night: Tiger Woods wants to win 21 majors

10 Jul 2022 | 08:42 | Football

(Sports News) Tiger Woods has his sights set on winning 21 majors before retiring.

After a stellar career at the mixed martial arts company, Conor McGregor recently expressed his desire to be nominated to the UFC Hall of Fame. He tweeted: “I’m definitely getting this name because I’m the best in everything, records, fastest knockouts, most knockouts, heavyweight knockouts, most money, etc… …I’m not in a rush because I still want to break my nose and knock out a few opponents.”

Hottest sport of the 7/7 night: Tiger Woods wants to win 21 majors - 3

Conor McGregor

Verstappen talks about his plans to retire

Max Verstappen signed a new £40m-a-year contract with Red Bull ahead of the season, with the Dutch driver not due to expire until 2028 when he turns 31. Recently, Verstappen said he could end his F1 career once his contract expires, saying: “I’ve been in F1 for too long and probably won’t be excited anymore. Maybe I’ll go to Le Mans. .”

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