Hoang Duc took a break from the match against Oman

23 Mar 2022 | 10:20 | Football

The Vietnam Golden Ball 2021 is suspected of being infected with Covid-19 again, so he did not practice before the match against Oman on March 24. Nguyen Hoang Duc may not go to Japan with the Vietnamese team.

During the gathering in Hanoi, Hoang Duc was isolated and did not practice. He will not attend the match against Oman on the afternoon of March 24 at My Dinh Stadium.

This is a serious loss for the Vietnamese team in the last two series of the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup. Coach Park Hang-seo also had a headache when his force was seriously damaged by the Covid-19 epidemic.
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 Hoang Duc cannot attend the final two matches of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Photo: Reuters.

“Currently the team has 8 players with Covid-19 and isolated. Their absence is a pressure. I don’t know if the substitutes can fill the absent group or not, but I expect them to play well to create an impact. competition” , Mr. Park replied to a press conference at noon on March 23.

The Korean leader did not specify that Hoang Duc is the latest player to be quarantined. However, according to Zing’s research, it was difficult for Germany to go to Japan with the Vietnamese team on the evening of March 25, even though he recovered. His health is currently stable.

In this gathering, Coach Park Hang-seo lost many players due to infection. First Nguyen Van Hoang, Nguyen Phong Hong Duy, Nguyen Tuan Manh and then Chau Ngoc Quang. The duo Nguyen Hai Huy and Luong Xuan Truong were also positive for nCoV.

Rookie Dao Van Nam has just recovered from Covid-19 in his first recruitment to Vietnam. The player born in 1996 of the Hong Linh Ha Tinh club was infected on March 17 and has been able to practice since March 22.

Without Hoang Duc, Coach Park Hang-seo may have to use Nguyen Tuan Anh to combine with Nguyen Quang Hai and Do Hung Dung. Some players who do not recover in time will find it difficult to go to Japan on the evening of March 25.

Coach Park will not have many options when withdrawing the list of players in the next 2 matches. Initially he called 32 players and the number of infections was at 8 players. It is possible that the Vietnamese team has to call back the players who missed this gathering due to the previous Covid-19 infection.

The Vietnamese team will host Oman on the evening of March 24. After that, the whole team moved to Japan on the evening of March 25 when connecting to Ho Chi Minh City. They have the last match in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup against Japan on the afternoon of March 29.