HAGL opponents in AFC Champions League 2022: Yokohama F.Marinos are really strong

16 Apr 2022 | 14:56 | Football

Yokohama F.Marinos brings an excellent squad of players to Vietnam ready to stir up Group H (HAGL participation), AFC Champions League 2022. The group’s matches will be broadcast live on multimedia television. FPT Play platform from April 1st to 16th May 2022.

Strength comes from a long historical value

The club was established in 1972 by the Yokohama City Government and Nissan Motor under the name Nissan FC. The strategy of the team managers is to maintain a deep and close relationship with the junior high schools, high schools and universities in Yokohama City, especially Kanagawa Prefecture. Therefore, the best players in school football will be oriented to wear a Nissan FC jersey after graduation.

With such a policy, 11 years later, Nissan FC has remained the top seed in the club’s squad. And achieved sweet results, 5 times won the Japanese Emperor’s Cup (1983/1985/1988/1989/1991), 2 times the Japanese champion (1988/1989), 3 times won the JSL Cup (1988/1989/1990).

This successful series of Nissan FC has created a strong belief in the parallel development of Japanese school football and professional football. Nissan FC was then dubbed the “Triple Crown” by a hidden moniker full of respect and admiration.

However, from 1972 to 1991, Nissan FC still only operated as a semi-professional team. Because Japanese football was still operating in the form of short-term competitions, football was not enough to bring a major source of income to players.

Until the 1991-1992 season, the Japan Football Association decided to establish the Japan Professional Football League in a new form and maintain it for one year. Participating in football games has officially become the “orthodox occupation” of players.

At this time, Nissan FC changed its name to Yokohama Mariners. The club joined the J-League as a professional team representing Yokohama. The team won its first intercontinental title in the AFC Asian Cup in 1991, then finished second in the same tournament in 1992. In addition, they also won the only Royal Cup in 1992 and won the J-League in 1995.

HAGL opponents in AFC Champions League 2022: Yokohama F.Marinos are really strong - 1

Stars come together after years of Yokohama F.Marinos battle (Credit: AFC)

During the 1999 season, the Yokohama Mariners added an F to their name after merging with a small team called the Yokohama Mariners. When Yokohama Mariners won the top domestic football championship in this sunny land, they still maintained the top level.

The club was runner-up in the J-League in 2000, the Japan League Cup in 2001, and the J-League champions for two consecutive years in 2003 and 2004. However, the Yokohama Mariners’ performance has dipped since that year. 2005. And it wasn’t until 2013 that they finished second in the J-League and returned to the top spot in the 2019 season.

HAGL opponents in AFC Champions League 2022: Yokohama F.Marinos are really strong - 2

The 2019 J-League Championship marks the Yokohama Mariners’ return to the lead in Japan (Source: J-League)

In Japan’s domestic football world, the Yokohama Mariners are still a name that attracts many outstanding players from the world’s developed football backgrounds. Not only that, the Yokohama Mariners have established a training system for the younger generation since the early 1990s and trained many excellent players.

Captain Takuya Kida is a mature case of the club’s youth training camp and currently shoulders the heavy responsibility of team development.

Strong financial base

With the backing of Nissan Motor Co. and Yokohama’s football-loving officials since its inception, the Yokohama Mariners have a huge operating budget compared to other teams in Japan. Not only that, in 2014, City Football Group, a well-known sports investment company, acquired a 20% stake in Yokohama Mariners.

HAGL opponents in AFC Champions League 2022: Yokohama F.Marinos are really strong - 3

The collective competition of the world’s top teams organized by the City Football Group (Source: SAP)

Joining a group of football clubs invested by City Football Group, Yokohama F.Marinos has the opportunity to “share a tray” with leading clubs in global football such as Manchester City FC (England), New York City FC (USA) or Melbourne City FC (Australia) …This helps to multiply the Yokohama Mariners’ commercial value and attract more sponsors.

The quality of the team is worth 440 billion VND

With both fame and fortune, it is not difficult to understand why the Yokohama Mariners always attract many famous players. Among the names wearing this team’s jerseys, the offensive duo that got the spotlight was Marcos and Leo Ceara.

Marcos has played for Yokohama F.Marinos since the 2019 season and scored 35 goals for the team. Although the player is only 1.67 meters tall, he has extraordinary speed and acceleration in the second half. In addition, he has the ability to play with both feet.

HAGL opponents in AFC Champions League 2022: Yokohama F.Marinos are really strong - 4

Marcos has a very good sprinting ability, speed is his strongest weapon (Credit: J-League)

Leo Ceara is 1.80 meters tall, with very strong muscles and a better body. The player wearing the No. 9 is a true “box killer” who can handle the ball, create walls and turn finishes in tight spaces.

By April 2022, Rio Ceara has scored 14 goals for the team.

The latest addition to coach Kevin Muscat’s 2022 AFC Champions League squad for the Yokohama Mariners has been named Anderson Lopez. The Brazilian striker stands out for his excellent headers and a solid base of strength.

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The 2022 AFC Champions League Group H will be broadcast live on Vietnam TV channels VTV5, VTV6 and the OTT platform of the FPT Play system. Asian football fans in Vietnam can watch from 18:00 on April 16, 2022 On the FPT Play platform.

In addition, FPT Play also continues to hold the rights to fully broadcast the 2022 Vietnam AFC Cup during June, a playground with another representative of the country’s football, Viettel FC.

For more information visit the website fptplay.vn Or contact 19006600 for answers.

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