Good news from Portland: CJ McCollum makes a full recovery from a pneumothorax

26 Dec 2021 | 05:37 | Basketball

In the 3 weeks CJ McCollum was out of the game, the Portland Trail Blazers played 10 games, received 8 defeats and dropped to 10th place in the NBA Western rankings.
After being away from the field for treatment, Portland Trail Blazers scorer CJ McCollum has now made a full recovery after being diagnosed with a pneumothorax earlier this month.

The team has just shared this information on the media, and will allow McCollum to exercise more in the next few days.

Journalist Shams Charania further noted that CJ will be given non-collision training to help him gradually regain his fitness before undergoing the final test next week. At that time, the medical team will determine the 30-year-old striker’s ability to play again.

CJ McCollum has been absent for the past three weeks after doctors discovered he had a pneumothorax and faced the risk of long-term absenteeism.

During his absence, the Portland Trail Blazers played 10 games, received 8 defeats and have now dropped to 10th in the Western rankings.

The fact that McCollum was in danger of having to take a break from the football field both caused the Blazers to suffer a loss of force and made his value in the transfer market decrease significantly.

However, fortunately CJ has fully recovered and is expected to be able to play again within the next 1-2 weeks.

With McCollum personally, he is averaging 20.6 points with 4.5 assists and 1.1 steals per game. This statistic isn’t bad, but it’s the lowest since the 2013-14 season, the second year that CJ played in the NBA.

What makes his scoring ability plummet comes from the relatively low success rate of shots from mid-range, reaching only 41% compared to the level of 55-60% in some recent seasons.

Many experts believe that it is time to stop the series of competition days of the duo CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard. They reasoned that the fact that these two stars scored “everyone’s way” would be the best ending for both of them.

It both brings new space for McCollum and Lillard to shine, and gives the Blazers more options to build a better squad than they currently have because these two players eat up a lot of the team’s salary.

Before a blockbuster deal officially explodes around CJ McCollum, perhaps fans will see the striker’s re-appearance in the Portland Trail Blazers shirt.

Letting him get on the field, compete and improve his value in the exchange market will benefit all parties.

McCollum can raise the price of himself to go to a better team, and the Blazers will be able to exchange many valuable pieces.