FFF president condemns Zouma: “Shocking abuse”

10 Feb 2022 | 04:47 | Football

 Kurt Zouma’s pet abuse move caused this player to face many problems.

Video David Moyes shares about Zouma’s cat abuse

Kurt Zouma outraged fans when a clip showed the defender kicking and slapping his cat. The shocking footage was originally shared on Snapchat by Yoan, Zouma’s brother, and reposted by The Sun.

That’s why the French star got involved in a series of criticisms and received heavy damage. Most recently, the adidas sponsor also officially stopped cooperating with Zouma.

Zouma was condemned for abusing cats - Football

 Zouma is in trouble for abusing cats.

The story of the midfielder’s pet abuse case did not stop there. Specifically, the president of the French Football Federation (FFF) Noel Le Graet reacted to the controversy surrounding Zouma. In a recent statement to AFP, quoted by RMC Sport, Graet criticized:

It was clearly a shocking act of abuse. This absurd, stupid and despicable act of violence seems even more surprising since I’ve never heard anything bad about Kurt Zouma. On the contrary, you He’s known to be respectful and positive with everything around him.”

“I note that he apologized. I hope he learned his lesson and I think so.”