Federer excited to travel as Djokovic criticized by legend for one incident (Tennis 24/7)

25 Apr 2022 | 08:31 | Football

(Sports News, Tennis News) April 19-25 Tennis Weekly: Novak Djokovic is unpopular among the former Grand Slam champions because he has been criticized for often telling the truth. Meanwhile, Roger Federer is happily showing off his summer vacation in a special place.

Video Novak Djokovic loses to Andrei Rublev 2-6, 7-6 (4). Last night (April 24) Serbia Open Final 0-6:

Djokovic criticized by legend for 1 thing, Federer happy to travel (Tennis 24/7) - 1

Novak Djokovic criticized by former French Open 1976 champion Adriano Panata for often lying

Panata shared: “I’ve been watching Federer, a star who has been living in the tennis world. Nadal? I love watching him play and most importantly, I admire him as a person. “

“What about Djokovic? No personal prejudice, but I don’t like him. I’m a little annoyed by what Djokovic has said over the past two years. He just said something that wasn’t true.”

Federer happy showing off photo of hanging out in riverside city

Video of Roger Federer working out at the gym:

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