Criticizing the MU star, Rio Ferdinand was criticized by his representative

10 Mar 2022 | 09:44 | Football

 Rio Ferdinand says representatives of Manchester United stars have called him to ask to refrain from criticizing their customers.

Man City destroys Man United

The former Red Devils defender has long been outspoken in his views and has often criticized the Old Trafford team’s situation in recent times. After losing to Man City 1-4, Man United received more criticism.

The legends of the Red Devils are the ones to blame the most, and according to Ferdinand, he has been asked to be more calm in his words. Ferdinand said: ” I really, really hope these players change. I hope their attitude.”


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 Ferdinand often criticizes MU players

“I’ve received many calls from agents. Saying ‘you can’t say this, why are you so critical and so’, please. If I show personal hatred and say bad things about these people, I’ll say sorry.”

“But I’m not saying sorry for stating the truth. I’m not saying sorry for tactically looking at how people are playing and highlighting situations where they could have done better. When I highlight things On the plus side, nobody called at that time, ‘thanks for that, you helped us.’ Don’t call me when you don’t understand, I’m talking about the players from a tactical perspective.”