Champion of Southeast Asia, Thailand futsal team still fell 3 places

12 Apr 2022 | 14:38 | Football

Futsal World Ranking has just updated the world rankings. The Thai futsal team fell 3 places despite winning the 2022 Southeast Asian championship. The reason was that they drew 2 matches against Indonesia, the 42nd ranked team in the world, in the group stage and final (won after the penalty shootout).

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese futsal team increased by one place to 38th, despite the deduction of 9 points (from 1105 points to 1096). In the 2022 Southeast Asian Championship, coach Pham Minh Giang’s teachers and students did not have good results. They were held to a draw by Myanmar in the group stage, and lost to Thailand in the semi-finals.

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Thailand (blue shirt) dropped 3 places because it did not bring the strongest force to the Southeast Asian tournament. Photo: Futsal Thailand.

In the match for tickets to the 2022 Asian Cup futsal, Ho Van Y and his teammates continued to be held to a draw after the official competition time. They only won the Asian tournament when they defeated their opponent in a penalty shootout.

At this time, the teams with the highest rankings in Asia are still Iran, Japan, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Australia. Vietnam futsal team ranked 6th and 35 points more than the 7th team, Indonesia.

Futsal Australia has a high ranking but has not been invested in recent times. They did not have the strongest force to attend the Southeast Asian tournament and failed to win tickets to the Asian Cup.

The Southeast Asian teams that will participate in Kuwait next September are Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Before that, these three teams will compete at the 31st SEA Games in May.

Nguyen Khang – | 20:09 April 12, 2022