Blushing to see beautiful women give up tennis to resell “hot clips” to make money

27 Apr 2022 | 08:01 | Football

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) The former world No. 39 female tennis player shocked viewers with a series of bold clips on social media.

Huck Road is getting prettier

Harkleroad caused controversy in 2008 when she was the first female tennis player to be photographed topless for the magazine. Soon after, she explained, “I thought about it, and that’s what I do. I’m proud of my body. I represent the body of a female tennis player.”

The beautiful former tennis player also works as a commentator for Tennis Channel, but ultimately her unifying job is as a model. Although he has given birth to 2 children, Huck Road still has a charming figure. His marriage to former world No. 34 male tennis player Chuck Adams (50) has made the female tennis player more and more beautiful. more and more salty.

Not wanting to keep her beautiful body to herself, Harkleroad recently signed up for an account on an “adult site” where she offers her popular photos and clips to anyone willing to pay to watch. .

Harkleroad describes her “adult web” as follows: “For freedom…I’m back and prettier than ever.”

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