Berbatov: ‘Rashford should meet Ronaldo’

12 Jan 2022 | 15:01 | Football

Former striker Dimitar Berbatov thinks that Marcus Rashford is losing control, so he needs advice from a senior like Ronaldo to regain motivation.

Berbatov recalls that in a training session before the game against Blackburn Rovers, Sir Alex Ferguson came and said to him: “Hey Berbatov, you’re starting tomorrow. Go out there and show it off.”

Berbatov emphasized that it is necessary to promptly motivate players who are under psychological pressure.

“For Rashford, the most important thing is that the coaches and teammates give him little motivation like that. MU has some incredible players. Rashford should talk to Ronaldo and ask CR7 for advice.” former Manchester United star shared with the Sun .

“I used to not talk to any of my teammates when I had a problem. I was quite reserved and shy. That was my mistake. Rashford should meet an icon of world football like Ronaldo. I’m sure Ronaldo will spend time with teammates and give every word of wisdom,” he continued.

Rashford has not regained his form after Euro 2020. Photo: Reuters.

Rashford has not regained his form after Euro 2020. Photo: Reuters.

Berbatov also affirmed that Rashford is a great player, great talent of England. The former Bulgarian striker also thinks that the way Rashford does off the pitch is admirable.

But on the field, the British spearhead needs to focus and get out of that reel (affected by external factors – PV). Above all, with strikers, the number of goals will tell how effective the player is.

“You can run all day, sacrifice everything, but if you don’t score you will be criticized. There will always be fans criticizing the player, and the important thing is not to care about that. As long as the player finds the rhythm. At your own pace, don’t rush and don’t complicate things,” Berbatov gave advice to Rashford.

This season, Rashford is absent in the early stages because of shoulder surgery. He played 17 matches in the Premier League 2021/22, including 7 starting matches, but only scored 2 goals and had one assist. Because of disappointing performance, Rashford lost his starting position to Edinson Cavani under coach Ralf Rangnick.

Rashford’s lackluster performance has repeatedly become a topic for British newspapers to exploit recently. Daily Mail believes that poor play can prevent the 24-year-old striker from being extended by the Manchester United Board of Directors. The binding validity between Rashford and the Manchester team is still 18 months away.